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General Areas of Specialty

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Fall Prevention Machine Guarding Human Factors/Ergonomics
Slips and Trips Safety Devices Manual Materials Handling
Falls from Elevation Interlocks Manual Lifting
Slip Resistance Testing Two-hand Controls Repetitive Motion Disorders
Stairs, Ramps, Level Surfaces Barrier Guards Human Capabilities & Limitations
Floor Holes & Openings Presence-sensing Devices Human Vision & Perception
Falls from Vehicles Point of Operation Guarding Lighting
Color Marking Power Transmission Guarding Workstation Design
Handrails/Guardrails Lockout/Tagout Expectancy

Workplace Safety Public Safety
General Industry Premises Safety
Construction Building Codes
Marine/Offshore Accessibility - ADA, TAS
Railroad Retail Safety
Manufacturing Falling Merchandise/Objects
Agriculture Warnings & Signage
OSHA Standards Playground Safety
Multi-Employer Worksites Falls
Safety Training  
Confined Space Product Safety
Crane & Forklift Operation Safety Devices
Scaffolding Guarding
Falls Warnings & Instructions
Maching Guarding Operator Controls
Ergonomics Hazard Evaluation